Dos and don'ts for a great funding application

8 April 2019    

Applying for the Cycle Friendly Communities Development Fund? Take a look at our dos and don’ts for writing a great application.

It might sometimes feel a bit overwhelming writing a funding application: you want to include as much information as possible but still be clear and concise, want to sound professional and knowledgeable yet don’t want to use lots of jargon. Don’t worry, we’re here to support you through the whole process, starting with how to write a great application.


  • Give yourself enough time: there’s nothing worse than rushing together an application and it can really show to the judging panel, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to prepare, write, review and edit your application.
  • Explain how the funding will make a difference: show how the funding will help your project to move forward, the impact it will have in your community and the people who will benefit.
  • Include photos, testimonials or case studies: providing extra evidence adds another level of information and can really strengthen your submission.
  • Use plain English: imagine you’re explaining your application to a friend and think about using normal, everyday language.
  • Ask for help: we’re here to support you so please get in touch.


  • Give too much backstory: instead, explain where your project is at now and how the funding will help you where you want to go
  • Send in an incomplete form: make sure you’ve responded to every question. If you’re struggling with what to include in each section, check out our application guidance pack or get in touch with us
  • Forget to get a second pair of eyes: ask a colleague or friend to check over your application – attention to detail is important, especially with budgets!
  • Think you have to use lot of jargon: buzzwords can make an application really hard to read and understand. Drop the jargon and write normally.
  • Be afraid to ask for help: drop us a line if you need any support or advice so you can make your application the best it can be!