Pothole reporting in Scotland

4 March 2021    

Potholes are an issue of real concern to road safety.

Potholes are dangerous for people cycling on local roads in Scotland and cause serious injuries every year.

People cycling are disproportionately affected by potholes and other road defects including rutting, gaps around ironwork, loose or missing manhole covers, and other surface defects. The deterioration of the local roads network has significant negative impacts for people cycling and for other vulnerable road users.

Good road maintenance is crucial to improve safety for people cycling and also to make cycling an enjoyable, accessible form of travel.

Local authorities in Scotland have a responsibility to repair and maintain roads in their area.

How do you report a pothole?

Read the latest information on how to report a pothole in your local area.

Why report a pothole?

Evidence shows that when potholes are reported, local authorities are usually quick to respond. When one person highlights a pothole or road defect for repair, the benefit is extended to everyone that uses that road.