Practical Cycle Awareness Training


Become a better driver and gain qualifications through accredited training.

Practical Cycle Awareness Training allows drivers of large vehicles, fleet drivers and learner drivers to step into the shoes of more vulnerable road users to provide them with a greater understanding of safety on the roads, especially around those cycling, walking and those with disabilities.

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Are you looking to train your drivers in Vulnerable Road User training?

Practical Cycle Awareness Training (PCAT) is a DVSA-accredited course that promotes awareness of Vulnerable Road Users, including people cycling. The course counts as 7 hours of Driver CPC and meets requirements for fleet operators working towards FORS Silver level.

Cycling Scotland supports more than 1,000 LGV and PCV drivers, working in private and public sectors, to undertake PCAT every year. We are committed to sustainable delivery in settings familiar to participants and work with partners to achieve this.

Cycling Scotland offers taster sessions to fleet operators who commit to training drivers in PCAT. All costs of taster sessions are covered by Cycling Scotland, including trainers, bikes and uploads to the Government Gateway and FORS respectively.

The three levels of engagement

Advanced: fleet operators who embed PCAT theory and practical elements

Cycling Scotland works with fleet operators to deliver PCAT sustainably. Funding is available to train the trainer in theory and practical training, have your own course DVSA-accredited and access grant funding for a small fleet of cycles to encourage cycling in the workplace.

Intermediate: fleet operators who embed theory only

Cycling Scotland works with fleet operators to sustainably deliver the theory element. Funding is available to train the trainer and have your own course DVSA-accredited. Fleet operators pay a Cycling Scotland delivery partner to deliver the practical element of training.

Entry: outsource future training

Following taster sessions, fleet operators commit to future training. Fleet operators pay a Cycling Scotland delivery partner to deliver the theory and practical elements of PCAT.

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Based upon our course for LGV and PCV drivers, this course is specifically designed to support people that drive for business and/or claim business mileage to be safer on the roads. 

The training promotes increased hazard perception, and increased awareness of vulnerable road users, including those on bikes. It aims to provide course participants with a greater understanding of vulnerable road user needs.

During the training, drivers spend time in the classroom where they are taught about best practices to adopt around vulnerable road users in both rural and urban environments. 

They also have the opportunity to spend time on the bike and step in the shoes of someone cycling with the guidance of an expert instructor. 

How long does it take?

This is a 3.5 hour course.

What will I need?

You will need clothing appropriate for the weather, and a current photographic driving licence. Bikes and other equipment will be provided.

What will it cost?

Taster sessions are available for free.

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PCAT training for Learner Drivers is aimed at secondary school pupils, learner drivers and driving instructors. It's composed of two elements:

  • 1-hour theory: this is classroom-based, and a popular choice for secondary schools and groups of driving instructors. Participants learn about best practice cycling and driving, and how their behaviour can influence the behaviour of more vulnerable road users.
  • 2.5-hour practical training (optional): Participants are given the opportunity to spend time on a bike, and experience riding on-road for themselves, all under the careful guidance of an expert instructor.

What will I need?

Candidates should wear clothing appropriate for the weather. Bikes and equipment may be provided, however, you may bring your own equipment if you prefer. 

What will it cost?

This is a free course.

For more information, please contact our training team at