Kiran Gallacher (Bikeability volunteer)

Bikeability has helped Kiran to grow her own confidence, as well as that of pupils.

I was approached by my children’s school to help with their Bikeability Scotland sessions and jumped at the chance as I enjoy seeing my twins in the school environment. However, it came to my attention it wasn’t their year that I would be helping with; it was the year below. I hesitated as I wasn’t a confident rider but decided to go ahead with it anyway as my children would be doing the same the following year. I was informed by the school that I would get some training before I got involved, which I did.

I’ve since been involved with Bikeability for two years and it has made me confident on my bike. I get so much satisfaction from seeing the children gain their confidence in cycling and having fun at the same time.

I am glad I volunteered to help the school as I’ve met a wonderful team that I work alongside and am now a Cycle Trainer recognised by Cycling Scotland.”

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