Local authority cycle storage and parking fund - Presentation

27 September 2022

Find out more about the residential cycle storage fund which is one of Cycling Scotland's most requested development funds.

Cycle storage research: executive summary

25 July 2022

Cycling Scotland has commissioned this research from Pettycur Consulting Ltd to help understand the barriers to residential cycle storage in Scotland and what solutions might be implemented to improve and increase cycle storage provision. 

Consultation response: Permitted Development Rights review - phase 2

19 July 2022

Cycling Scotland has responded to the Permitted Development Rights review (phase 2) and has called for greater flexibility and ease of planning requests to install adequate cycle parking and storage, a focus on reducing car kilometres, and a need for greater connectivity between our communities through 20-minute neighbourhoods.

Affordable access to bikes executive summary

16 June 2022

Access to suitable and affordable bikes is a priority to help more people cycle in Scotland, improving public health and helping us tackle the climate emergency. Bike reuse, repair and recycling creates skills and employment opportunities, as well as diverting waste from landfill and it can also generate income for social enterprises.

Cycling Scotland and partners, Scottish Enterprise and Zero Waste Scotland, commissioned research to explore bike reuse and circular business models across Europe and Scotland, outlining best practice and potential for growth.

Consultation response - second Strategic Transport Projects Review (STPR2)

15 April 2022

We've responded to the Scottish Government's draft second Strategic Transport Projects Review (STPR2) for Scotland, which will inform Scottish Ministers decisions on transport investment in Scotland for 2022-2042.  

Consultation response - 20% reduction in car km route map

6 April 2022

This consultation response comments on the Scottish Government commitment to reduce car kilometres by 20% by 2030. Transport accounts for a quarter of Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions, with cars making up almost 40% of transport emissions. In our response, we welcome and support the behaviour change steps: Scotland is facing a climate emergency and reducing car km is a key action in tackling this.

Consultation response - National Planning Framework 4

31 March 2022

This consultation response comments on the Scottish Governments priorities and policies for the planning system up to 2045 and how our approach to planning and development will help to achieve a net zero, sustainable Scotland. 

We call for cycle storage for every household and for Cycling by Design to be a formal requirement for street design.

Consultation response - Scottish Building Regulations - Proposed changes

28 October 2021

This consultation response comments on proposed changes to Scottish Building Standards, specifically the proposals for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. In our submission, we comment on the need to ensure charging infrastructure is provided for electric bikes, recognising the important role these bikes have to play in reducing climate emissions and helping to meet climate objectives.

Consultation response - City of Edinburgh Council draft Climate Strategy

10 September 2021

This consultation response comments on City of Edinburgh Council’s draft Climate Strategy, which outlines how the council will work to deliver a net zero, climate ready capital city by 2030. In our submission, we comment on the overall vision, principles and actions of the draft strategy, as well on the proposals for net-zero emissions from transport.

Consultation response - Penalty Charge Notices for Parking Enforcement

10 September 2021

This consultation response comments on Scottish Government proposals on how best to amend the current system of penalty charges for parking contraventions, in particular for pavement parking, parking at dropped kerbs, and double parking, and is seeking views Government’s existing guidance on penalty charge levels and also the amount of the penalty charge for the new parking prohibitions which in the future will be set out in regulations.

Consultation response - Workplace Parking Licensing Regulations and Guidance

6 September 2021

This consultation response comments on proposed regulations and guidance for Workplace Parking Licensing (WPL) in Scotland, including the regulatory framework and supporting guidance which will underpin local authorities’ WPL schemes.

Annual Cycling Monitoring Report 2021

17 August 2021

This report includes data from January 2011 to March 2021, providing a national picture of cycling behaviour, road safety, access to bikes and attitudes to cycling as well as snapshots of cycling at a local level.

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