Free Access to Bikes for Secondary Schools pilot

Cycling Friendly Secondary Schools took part in Transport Scotland’s pilot project in 2021/22.

Funded by Transport Scotland, this pilot provided access to bikes for young people who were unable to access one due to affordability.

This pilot project, funded by Transport Scotland, worked with 36 secondary schools across Scotland to fund bikes, including adaptive bikes, to enable independent travel to/from and outside school.

Funding provided 358 bikes, including 16 adapted bikes, cycle training and maintenance lessons with tailored support accessed through the Cycling Friendly network of delivery partners and community organisations.

The pilot enabled a Cycling Friendly secondary school with existing or planned cycling activities to provide bikes for children who don't have a bike for their personal use.

Project updates are due and will be published on our website.

Please contact if you would like further information or have any queries regarding this pilot project.