Funding awarded to encourage commuters to get on their bikes

14 September 2018    

Cycling Scotland has awarded over £600,000 to employers in Scotland from the Cycle Friendly Development Fund.

Over 60 worksites across Scotland have been awarded funding to promote cycling as a healthy, sustainable and accessible way to travel to work.   

The Cycle Friendly Development Fund, delivered by Cycling Scotland with funding from Transport Scotland, will be used for projects that encourage staff and visitors to travel by bike, including:

  • Upgrading workplace amenities, such as changing areas, showers and drying facilities
  • Buying bikes to support a bike pool or hire fleet
  • Setting up maintenance areas and buying cycling tools
  • Installing cycle parking
  • Upgrading minor workplace specific pedestrian/cyclist access routes, including signage.

From Dundee to Dumfries and Galloway, Edinburgh to East Ayrshire, 41 employers from the private, public and third sectors have been awarded funding across 64 worksites.

As a result, over 52,000 employees, including those at the National Library of Scotland, Glasgow Airport, NHS Highlands and Scouts Scotland, can now look forward to a range of funded initiatives including showers, repair stations, Dr Bike maintenance sessions, hairdryers and safe cycle parking.

Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity Michael Matheson said:

“It is welcome news that 41 employers across Scotland will benefit from the Cycle Friendly Development Fund. There are many environmental and health benefits that can be gained simply by choosing to cycle, and this funding will help reduce some of the local barriers that exist and encourage active travel. This support will progress our vision to develop an Active Nation, where more people choose to walk and cycle than ever before, by providing additional amenities to over 52,000 workers across Scotland.

“I’m proud that the Scottish Government is continuing to finance important behavioural change programmes, and by doubling the active travel budget to £80m for 2018/2019 we hope to deliver many more innovative projects in partnership with Cycling Scotland and other active travel partners.”

Katharine Brough, Head of Behaviour Change at Cycling Scotland said: “We’re delighted to announce the successful employers who will receive funding to make their workplaces safer and more accessible for commuters to travel by bike. Cycling has so many benefits and creates a healthier and happier workforce and we work closely with our partners to help employers and other organisations encourage and support cycling. This round of funding will benefit over 52,000 workers across Scotland.” 

Catherine Topley, Interim CEO of Scottish Canals, said: “We are delighted to be one of the 41 employers benefiting from the Cycle Friendly Development Fund and to be part of today’s announcement. Scotland’s canals are an important part of the nation’s walking and cycling network, providing safe sustainable travel routes and it is important to us that promoting healthy lifestyles and encouraging more people to our towpaths begins with our staff.

We know that cycling to work, between meetings or at lunch time has positive mental and physical benefits and to ensure we help encourage our staff onto their bikes we plan to use this funding to improve the cycle parking across our canals and to establish pools of bikes for our employees to access.”

Dr Tom Wilding from the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) outside Oban, said: “As a keen cyclist and environmental researcher, I am thrilled that Cycling Scotland will be helping us make much needed improvements to the facilities for our cycling community. We have over 300 people working and studying on our very beautiful campus, and already a good number of us cycle regularly to SAMS as public transport is limited. Cycling is one of the best ways to keep physically and mentally fit, and it also reduces our carbon footprint and reduces traffic congestion. Better facilities – especially changing/drying rooms – will encourage more of our staff, students and visitors to cycle and for the cycling culture to become more firmly embedded in our workplace.”

A second round of applications will be launched later this year and organisations interested in applying are advised to contact Cycling Scotland at the earliest opportunity. 

All businesses should consider applying but particularly those located close to new Community Links or other new cycling infrastructure.  More people are likely to choose to commute by bike as infrastructure improves so it’s likely there will be a greater demand for cycling facilities in nearby workplaces.

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