Three ways to get your workplace cycling

9 January 2019    

Choosing to travel to work by bike is a great way to incorporate some gentle exercise in to your day and to start the day feeling refreshed and focussed.

Here, we look at three ways to help make cycling to your work that little bit easier.

Become a cycle champion

If you’d like to help more people to travel by bike to your workplace, becoming your workplace cycle champion and setting your workplace on course to become a Cycle Friendly Employer will not only give you something new to talk about at the water cooler, but will help your employer to reduce sickness absence, increase productivity and improve your carbon footprint. You can find out more and register here.

Apply for some funding

If all that water cooler invites cries of “but where do we park our bikes?!” and “I can’t get changed in the toilets!” you can apply for our Cycle Friendly Employer Development Fund which is open now. Grants will provide up to £25,000 for workplaces to improve their cycling facilities through capital projects such as cycle storage, changing facilities, signage or pool bikes. All of which will help your employer on their journey to achieving the Cycle Friendly Employer Award.

Challenge your colleagues

Invite your work colleagues to challenge themselves and take on the Classic Challenge. Become their cycle buddy and help them train for the event. Many people feel intimidated to go out on their bike themselves, but you can help them overcome that barrier. Who knows, maybe they'll get hooked on and next year you'll be doing the Big Belter with them.