£1 million development fund for Cycle Friendly Employers

27 June 2018    

Employers in Scotland can apply for up to £25,000 of funding, through Cycling Scotland, to improve cycling facilities and encourage cycling.

£1 million of grant funding, an increase of 180% from last year, is available this financial year to support organisations in Scotland wishing to encourage cycling as a healthy, sustainable and accessible way to travel to work.  

The Cycle Friendly Development Fund, delivered by Cycling Scotland with funding from Transport Scotland, can be used for projects which encourage staff and visitors to travel by bike, including: 

  • Installing or enhancing cycle parking, increasing capacity and/or security
  • Upgrading minor workplace specific pedestrian/ cyclist access routes, including signage
  • Upgrading onsite facilities, including changing areas, showers, lockers and drying areas
  • Buying bikes to support a bike pool or hire fleet
  • Creating maintenance areas, including buying cycling tools

Employers can use the funding to help them meet the criteria for a Cycle Friendly Award, a Cycling Scotland scheme which supports employers committed to enabling higher levels of cycling.  The awards recognise employers in Scotland who currently encourage cycling in the workplace and offers guidance to organisations who need help getting started.

Encouraging commuting by bike has a wide range of benefits for employers and employees, the most important of these being a healthier, happier workforce. 

Transport Secretary Michael Matheson said:

“We want the people of Scotland to look on Active Travel and cycling to work as the preferred option for getting about because it’s easy, healthy and great for our environment.

“I would urge people in companies and organisations to consider this fund and how it can help them introduce changes which will make taking the bike even easier.”

Katharine Brough, Head of Behaviour Change at Cycling Scotland said:

“Together with our partners, we work closely with employers from all sectors, offering bespoke support to help them increase cycle rates and realise the benefits.  In 2017/18, the Cycle Friendly Employer Development Fund awarded 33 employers a total of £357,185, benefiting workplaces at 53 locations across Scotland.” 

“We encourage all businesses to consider applying but particularly those located close to new Community Links or other new cycling infrastructure.  More people are likely to choose to commute by bike as infrastructure improves so it’s likely there will be a greater demand for cycling facilities in nearby workplaces.“

The homeless charity, Simon Community, successfully applied for funding from the Cycle Friendly Development Fund in 2017 and used it to purchase pool bikes, sheltered cycle parking, cycling training and cycling equipment.  They subsequently recorded a 13% increase in staff cycle rates for commuting and work purposes. 

NHS Shetland has also benefited from the funding, using it to install cycle storage and to upgrade shower facilities, both of which were identified as barriers to cycling in their staff travel survey. 

The deadline for the first round of applications is 9th July 2018.  A second round will be launched later this year and organisations interested in applying are advised to contact us at the earliest opportunity.

Find out more and apply.