How can I become a Bikeability Scotland instructor?

There are two qualifications you can get to deliver Bikeability Scotland - the one-day Bikeability Scotland Instructor course for delivering levels 1 and 2, and the four-day Cycle Trainer course for delivering all three levels.


How do I find a school that needs a Bikeability Scotland instructor?

If you're a volunteer who isn't attached to a particular school, please contact your local authority coordinator and ask them to match you with schools nearby that are looking for instructors.

What if pupils have additional support needs, how can I support them?

All trainees with additional support needs should be assessed on an individual basis prior to attending training. Training sessions might require extra volunteer support, the use of specialist bikes or slight modifications to the training programme.

If you have any concerns, assess the needs of the individual by speaking to them directly, their parent, guardian and/or teacher and find out what support is available for their specific needs via your local authority coordinator.

Bikeability Scotland instructors can also access a free, one day CPD course on delivering inclusive cycle training. This course is based on a good practice guide, produced by the Department for Transport (DfT).


What other cycling activities can I encourage trainees to take part in?

There are an increasing number of cycle hubs across Scotland which organise events and rides throughout the year. Make sure your trainees know about their nearby hub and tell them about any upcoming rides.

I Bike organises various activities designed to encourage children to carry on cycling when moving from primary to secondary schools and encourages more girls to cycle to schools. I Bike currently operates in 9 Scottish local authority areas.

Cycle to School Week is a week-long event where families are encouraged to try cycling and scooting to school.

The Big Walk and Wheel inspires pupils to make active journeys to school, improve air quality in their neighbourhood and discover how these changes benefit their world.

The British Cycling Go-Ride programme - with over 350 clubs offering activity for young people, helps thousands of young people enjoy the freedom of cycling and develop lifelong skills and habits.

Bike Week is an annual event with various activities across the country to promote cycling.

I need more training and support to help me deliver Bikeability Scotland training sessions. What are my next steps?

Cycling Scotland offers a range of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses for Bikeability instructors including workshops that cover instructional techniques, group management, managing risk and risk assessment, emergency first aid at work, and delivering inclusive cycle training. You can find out more by visiting the Cycling Hub website.

Your local authority coordinator may also be able to offer you further training and additional support including instructor mentoring and session shadowing.


I'd like to deliver more cycle training or aim for a higher instructor qualification. What are my options?

Cycling Scotland offer a range of additional courses that will build on your Bikeability Scotland instructor training and further develop your skills and experience. Whether you are interested in training the next generation of instructors or would like to focus on developing the skills of younger children through Play on Pedals, there are courses available throughout the year.