What is the difference between Bikeability Scotland and the old Cycling Proficiency training?

It's a similar concept, but Bikeability Scotland teaches on-road training (Levels 2 &3) once children are comfortable riding a bike (Level 1). This provides a realistic training environment and teaches pupils the skills they need to deal with traffic and cycle safely.

Do all schools do Bikeability Scotland training?

Over 53% of Scotland’s primary schools offer on-road cycle training (Bikeability Scotland Level 2). You can use our school checker to see if your school does training, and what levels are currently offered.


Why is learning to cycle important?

Cycling is a fun and practical way to keep active and healthy. As a form of transport, it’s good for the environment, and for many of us, our first sense of independence. Bikeability Scotland cycle training can contribute to your child’s:

  • Emotional, social and physical wellbeing
  • Hazard perception and awareness
  • Education and attainment
  • Confidence

How can I support my child when they are taking part in Bikeability Scotland training?

Everything you need to prepare your child for training can be found in our downloadable guide. The guide includes information about what each level of training includes and what skills will be developed.

As a parent or carer, the best thing you can do to support your child’s training is to show an interest and give encouragement.


I can’t talk to my child about cycling because I can’t ride a bike. What can I do?

If you’re interested in supporting your child but are not currently confident or able to ride a bike, there are adult and family training courses you can take. Learning to cycle at the same time can be a brilliant way of supporting your child’s Bikeability Scotland training.

Adult Cycle Training - This practical course can be adapted to match your experience and requirements and takes just 2 and a half hours to complete.

Family Cycle Training - This training course is for families looking to develop their confidence in cycling together. The sessions are tailored to meet the needs of the family and it is a fun and rewarding way of learning to cycle together.