Bikeability Scotland Approved Retailer (BSAR)

Approved bike shops support Bikeability Scotland by offering advice, guidance, and a starting point for cycling conversations.

All Bikeability Scotland Approved Retailers sign a pledge to:

  • provide independent advice to customers when looking for bikes appropriate for Bikeability Scotland training.
  • provide reassurance to customers that new or recently purchased bikes are fit for purpose and ‘Bikeability Scotland Ready’.
  • ensure all staff are informed about the Bikeability Scotland programme.
  • support customers to undertake their own pre-training bike health checks.
  • champion the aims and objectives of Bikeability Scotland, in encouraging young people to develop the skills and confidence to make independent trips by bike.

Your local bike shop is also a great place to ask about good places to cycle, local clubs and activities or events happening in your area.

A friendly and helpful bike shop is an important part of making cycling accessible to everyone, and Cycling Scotland is proud to have the following retailers on board for the journey.

Find your local shop

You can use the map below to find your local Bikeability Scotland Approved Retailer.