10 cycling resolutions for the new year

17 December 2019    

1. Switch up your commute

If you’re not already, why not commit to commuting to work by bike once a week? If don’t know how to get started, are worried about getting sweaty or haven’t a clue what to wear in the Scottish weather, check out our cycle commuting Q&A.


2. Go somewhere new

Scotland has some amazing lochs, castles, parks, beaches and monuments, and many are linked with cycle paths or quiet roads. If you’ve ever been meaning to cycle to a certain place but just never quite got around to it, make this year the year you do it.


3. Sign up to an event

Set yourself a challenge and sign up to take part in an event: Cycling events in ScotlandScotland Welcomes You and British Cycling are some good places to see upcoming events and if you’ve got some mini Chris Hoys or Katie Archibalds in-the-making, then get them started early by finding out more about our free, family-friendly rides.  


4. Have your say

Get your voice heard and have your say about decisions that could affect how you get around by bike. Make a resolution this year to let your councillor know that cycling is a priority, respond to a local consultation (you can find these on your local authority website) or contribute to a national consultation.


5. Learn how to look after your bike

We’re all guilty of not giving our bikes the TLC they deserve, so this year learn how to do it yourself by signing up to a bike maintenance course. Find out the difference learning something new can make and check out some handy links from our training team below: 


6. Get a bike buddy

Invite your friends, family or colleagues to join you for a ride, and we’re sure you’ll be able to get them bitten by the bike bug. Top tip: it always helps if you incorporate a coffee and cake stop into your route to persuade people to join you…!


7. Teach someone to fix a puncture

One of the big challenges people feel nervous about is basic bike maintenance. Pass on a skill by resolving to teach someone you know how to look after their bike.


8. Sign up to a bike share

Sometimes it’s just not convenient to have your own bike with you, but shared schemes mean you can still get around by hopping on a bike in the street. With rides starting from £1, shared bikes mean you can get from A to B quickly, cheaply and sustainably. Stirling and Glasgow have nextbike schemes and Edinburgh has JustEat cycles.


9. Organise a group ride

Share the joy of cycling by organising a bike ride, with your youth group, community project or even for your next team away day. Your local cycle club can help you to get the wheels rolling on how to organise.


10. Organise a Dr Bike session at your work

Dr Bike is exactly what it says on the tin: a health check for your bike. Trained mechanics will run some basic maintenance such as tightening brakes or pumping tyres, and all accredited Cycling Friendly service centres are able to provide this service. Why not organise one at your work, along with coffee, croissants and fruit to gather the crowds?


Wishing you a very happy New Year from everyone at Cycling Scotland!