New report on access to bikes in Scotland

28 July 2020    

Access to bike schemes have an important role to play in making cycling available to all.

The new research aimed to gain an understanding of the number, location and scope of access to bike schemes in Scotland, and to identify any gaps in the provision of schemes where funding or support might be targeted in future. 

Cycling Scotland worked with Transform, a consultancy for sustainable transport, to deliver the report and highlights from findings include:

  • At least 200 organisations run access to bike schemes in Scotland including pool bike fleets, bike loans for events, public bike hire, cycle to work schemes and bike recycling schemes.
  • The majority are small, local projects and many rely on year-to-year grant funding; getting secure, sustained funding is a challenge.
  • Recent active travel funding from the Scottish Government has had a clear impact.
  • Schemes help meet the objectives of the Active Travel Framework
  • Schemes attempt to reach a broad audience but there are some gaps.  
  • Additional data is needed on trip purpose, modal shift and bike recycling.


Executive summary