Access to bikes, parking and storage

Cycling Scotland work with partners to support delivery of People & Place programme. Funding is available to enable more people to cycle through increasing affordable access to bikes, parking and storage. Please fill out this form and we will keep you informed about any funding/support updates or email us to find out what support is available in your area.

Cycling Scotland is working with partners at a national, regional and local level, to increase affordable access to bikes for children and young people and make sure that everyone in Scotland has a safe and appropriate place to store their bikes.

With a third of Scottish households likely to be living in accommodation without access to suitable cycle storage, local authorities and registered social landlords can access support and funding to install secure cycle storage for residents living in high-rise buildings, tenement flats and apartment blocks.

Increasing access to bikes for young people who otherwise could not afford one, enables independent travel and provides opportunities for all young people to cycle, helping them and their country to have a happy and healthier future.