Kirsty Clift is a care assistant in Bishopbriggs, north of Glasgow, where she supports adults with complex additional care needs.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, she has been getting to work on an ebike borrowed from Blackhill on Bikes, a project in her local area.

Taking the opportunity

“Before the outbreak, I’d normally drive to work. I wouldn’t cycle in Glasgow because I’m worried about safety; the roads used to feel too busy and dangerous and I wasn’t confident,” she said.

“The roads have been quieter here so I decided to borrow the ebike from Blackhill on Bikes who have been great; they showed me how to use it and offered to cycle with me from home to work a couple of times so I could get used to it.

Fun, practical and healthy

“The bike has been fantastic. The quieter roads have given me the confidence boost to ride my bike and you get a bit of exercise in the 20-minute cycle.

“It’s good for mental health too – normally in the car I just listen to music but on the bike, it’s just you and the wind. It makes you feel better, it’s a really nice feeling. I feel more energetic, and more positive.

“I’m definitely going to keep it up. It looks like we’re going to be in this situation for some time, so I’m going to use it to keep practicing, build my confidence and hopefully carry on cycling.”

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