Joining the Board

Our Board provides strategic leadership for Cycling Scotland, working with the staff team.

We’re currently recruiting for up to four new trustees, with a variety of skills and backgrounds. Recognising the value of diversity, we encourage applications from people of all backgrounds. For more information about the responsibilities of a trustee, and how and when to apply, please read the recruitment pack.


Collectively, the role of our Board members is to:

  • Ensure that Cycling Scotland pursues its mission and charitable objectives as defined in the Articles of Association and that these remain relevant over time
  • Provide strategic leadership and determine the strategic direction of the charity
  • Approve policies, plans and budgets in order to achieve objectives, and monitor performance against them
  • Ensure that the organisation’s resources are applied exclusively in pursuance of its objectives, that its assets are protected and managed and to ensure the financial viability of the charity
  • Ensure that Cycling Scotland complies with relevant company, charity, employment, health & safety and other legislation
  • Oversee the effective and efficient administration and management of the organisation, including risk management
  • Appoint, supervise and support the Chief Executive and ensure other staff and volunteers are supported and supervised
  • Safeguard the reputation and values of Cycling Scotland.

Current Board members

  • Sally Wyke - Chair
  • Ian Aitken - Director
  • Stuart Knowles - Director
  • Eric Guthrie - Director
  • Maureen Kidd - Director
  • Charlie Turner - Director 
  • Rosie Shankey - Director
  • Anna Richardson - Director
  • Gwen Hamilton - Director