Additional courses and development opportunities

Courses that will build on your Bikeability Scotland instructor training and further develop your skills and experience.

I want to develop my Bikeability Scotland skillset

Delivering Inclusive Cycle Training

A free one-day CPD course that provides Bikeability Scotland instructors with support to ensure cycle training sessions are inclusive to all trainees, through classroom-based activities and outdoor practical sessions. This course is based on a good practice guide, produced by the Department for Transport (DfT).

I want to build on experience working with younger children

Play on Pedals Instructor

If you have experience of working with early-years children, this one-day course, with practical in-nursery training is a good next step. Play on Pedals is aimed at supporting nursery-aged children to develop cycling skills through balance and pedal bikes. With colourful and interactive resources, Play on Pedals has strong links to the curriculum for excellence.

I want to organise group rides

Cycle Ride Leader

A one-day course that provides an introduction to leading groups on risk assessed and organised bike rides during daylight hours. It enables leaders to plan and organise rides within an organisation, community group or club.