Why a Wee Jaunt is the perfect way to spend time with the family

20 December 2017    

Pedal for Scotland's Wee Jaunt rides are the perfect introduction to cycling and a great family day out.

Ranging from 7 to 10 miles on traffic free routes, Wee Jaunts are a great way to get a feel for cycling and explore your local area, all for a good cause. 

In 2016, the Brodie family took part in the Wee Jaunt Falkirk. Here are mum-of-two Lynsey Brodie's top tips for making a Wee Jaunt a great family day out.

Raise money for a good cause
As well as having fun, my sons,  Connor (9) and Aiden (11), really liked what the STV’s Children’s Appeal was all about and wanted to help raise money for children living in poverty in Scotland.  

Get fit with the family
A happy consequence of training for the big day was that we were spending more time as a family and getting fit and healthy at the same time. Aiden being just 10 at the time but very tall, had to become acquainted with his first adult-sized bike. Had it not been for the sponsors that were rolling in, I doubt he’d have gotten to grips with it so quickly as it was a lot heavier than his previous child bike. He felt he had a job to do, and was determined not to let anyone down.

It's not about the winning...
It was nice that Pedal for Scotland don’t emphasise “winning the race” but rather the taking part and the cause itself. As a rider, this meant that the pressure was off trying to get to the finish line as fast as possible, and instead focused on having fun and exploring the route at a leisurely pace.

Get to know your surroundings
And what a route it was! For those who haven’t been to The Helix or The Kelpies, and even for those like ourselves who had, there’s something about being on a bike that makes you appreciate these beautiful landmarks as you maybe haven’t before. 

My husband and I as well as our two children thoroughly enjoyed the day and urge everyone and anyone to take part in future events, you won’t regret it!

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