Cycling rates continue to increase during Covid-19 crisis

18 May 2020    

Parts of Scotland continue to see a significant increase in people cycling on roads since measures were introduced to combat Covid-19.

Some key increases in cycling in April 2020, compared to April last year, by counter location have been found in

  • Kirkcaldy (Dunniker Road): 130%
  • Larbert (Bellsdyke Road): 124%
  • Glasgow (Clyde Tunnel): 103%
  • Cambuslang (Clyde Walkway): 74%
  • Cargenbridge (near Dumfries): 62%
  • Stirling (Cornton Road): 57%
  • Ayr (Holmston Road): 54%

Cycling Scotland manages the National Monitoring Framework, funded by Transport Scotland, to monitor cycling rates. Our data provides a snapshot at specific locations and indicates that cycling has increased during lockdown, particularly where cycling levels were previously low.  Many cycling counters managed by Edinburgh and Glasgow Councils also show significant increases.

With more people cycling, many organisations, including Cycling Scotland – funded by Transport Scotland – are supporting organisations to help key workers access bikes. More information can be found at