Cycling Scotland partner with Children in Scotland on road safety research

14 May 2020    

With recent increases in cycling across Scotland, now is a great time to capture the imagination, and views, of the nation’s youth.

Cycling Scotland has teamed up with Children in Scotland to gather the views of children and young people on Bikeability, road safety, health, and the environment. The project is funded by Transport Scotland’s Road Safety Evaluation Fund.

Research objectives

We want to better understand the perceptions and needs of children aged 8-12, to ensure that Bikeability Scotland, the national cycle training programme for school children, and other relevant programmes can develop effectively to meet road safety and participation outcomes at an age when most children begin to travel independently.  

Beyond Bikeability Scotland, our aim is to get greater insight into young road-users’ needs and barriers. These include understanding perceived risk, and motivators, on young people’s preferred travel choices.


Focus groups will target children in representative settings across Scotland, including cities, remote rural communities, and suburban towns (complying with latest public health guidance). Children in Scotland bring their creative and inclusive approaches to ensuring children have a voice. Their work is delivered in line with rights described by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), currently being considered for implementation by the Scottish Government. Through adopting a ‘rights-based approach’, it is expected that these focus groups will lead to a meaningful and ongoing dialogue. 


The research is hoped to be complete by the end of 2020.