Give Cycle Space: Diana's story

14 May 2019    

Diana Farrell is 43 years old. She is a cycle coach, writer author of the blog Mummy's Gone A Cycle and we asked her for her perspective on close passing.

She said: “Close passes are a daily occurrence whether I am alone on my road bike or cycling my children to school on our cargo bike. The school run is the worst as the roads are very busy and the drivers seem to be at their least patient. In our 15-minute cycle from home to school, at least five cars pass us dangerously closely each day. This is despite me having two children visible on the front of the bike. Close passes are the reason why I do not allow my seven-year-old to ride his own bike to school – it is simply too dangerous.

What upsets me most about this is the fact that some drivers are prepared to risk our lives for a few seconds. Yes, bikes can be slow, but I have never had a car stuck behind me for more than thirty seconds and who really does not have thirty seconds to spare?”

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