Cycling Friendly Community


Use cycling to break down barriers and bring people together in your community.

From mental health groups to homeless charities, disability groups to refugee charities, the Cycling Friendly Community programme supports organisations across Scotland to take a leading role in increasing the number of people who cycle, creating sustainable communities.


Please note there is currently no Cycling Friendly national grant funding available in 2024-25.

If you would like support to encourage cycling and/or improve cycling facilities in your organisation, please fill out this form. We will keep you updated about any funding/support updates.

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The nationally recognised award celebrates community groups who are taking a leading role in ensuring that anyone, anywhere can enjoy the benefits of cycling. If you're creating opportunities for people to cycle, the award process is a support tool to help you become Cycling Friendly.

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Groups across the country are working towards or have achieved bronze, silver and gold levels of the Cycling Friendly Community award for their commitment to making cycling easier and more accessible for anyone, anywhere. 

From overcoming inequalities and tackling transport poverty to bringing diverse communities together through cycling, Cycling Friendly Community projects across the country have some inspiring stories to share. 

We also offer a range of training to help people be more confident cycling in their community.  You might be interested in:

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Please note there is currently no national grant funding available in 2024-25.

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