How can I become an instructor?

Play on Pedals instructor training equips nursery staff to plan and deliver Cycling Scotland’s Play on Pedals programme to nursery-aged children.

You must have prior experience of working with early-years, for example as a nursery teacher, or through delivering other activities to nursery-aged children

This is a one-day course that includes practical in-nursery training.


How can my nursery get involved?

Support is available for local authority early years teams to introduce and rollout Play on Pedals training in the nursery setting.


What is Play on Pedals?

Play on Pedals is aimed at supporting nursery-aged children to develop cycling skills through balance and pedal bikes. With colourful and interactive resources, Play on Pedals has strong links to the Curriculum for Excellence.


What’s next?

Experienced Play on Pedals Instructors can go onto become Play on Pedals Instructor Trainers.

This course will benefit your nursery or early years environment, as it will support you in cascading Play on Pedals training to colleagues.

The course creates familiarity with key learning stages, relevant teaching points, how to manage a group, and builds an awareness of the types of locations used for delivery. It also uses a progressive approach to support your personal development and allows you to consolidate your riding and training skills during the training.