What is Play Together on Pedals?

Play Together on Pedals is a preschool and family cycling project, encouraging families to get active through enjoying the fun and freedom of cycling together.

In early 2014, a project funded by the People’s Postcode Trust took place in Glasgow that aimed to give every pre-school child in the city the opportunity to learn to ride a bike before starting school.

What happened next?

Cycling UK, Cycling Scotland, and Play Scotland, formed the Play Together on Pedals Partnership, to build on the knowledge, expertise and experiences gained.  While Play on Pedals training is now delivered in nurseries across much of Scotland, a dedicated team delivered community-based activity in Glasgow, led by Cycling UK, to reach a diverse range of young people and their families.

Encouraging parents and families to get involved is vital to creating sustainable behaviour change. That’s why Play Together on Pedals offers family-friendly try out sessions and drop-in activities, so that families that are new to cycling can build confidence, get advice, test equipment, and discover local routes.

Since 2014, the project has helped to teach more than 8,000 preschool children in Scotland to ride a bike. This helps them to develop important life skills like coordination and balance. It also breaks down the barriers young people face to participating in physical activity – especially important in areas of health inequalities and multiple deprivation.

How can I find out more?

Information about Play Together on Pedals including free sessions that are currently running throughout Glasgow can be found on the project’s Facebook page.


For Glasgow enquires you can also contact Development Officer, Marianne Emordy from Cycling UK at marianne.emordy@cyclinguk.org or on 07887567578.

Other areas

For nursery-based training in other local authority enquiries, please contact the Cycling Scotland training team at training@cycling.scot