Access to Bikes for Young People Fund

Winter Cycling shoot for Cycling Scotland on South City Cycle Way, Victoria Road, Glasgow.

Cycling Scotland is working with partner organisations to increase affordable access to bikes for children and young people, supporting independent travel, reducing inequalities and improving health.

Project proposals are sought from Local Authorities, schools, community groups and third sector organisations working with young people who require access to bikes.


Please note there is currently no cycle parking/access to bikes national grant funding available in 2024-25.

If you would like support to encourage cycling and/or improve cycling facilities in your organisation, please fill out this form. We will keep you updated about any funding/support updates.

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What is the fund?

The Access to Bikes for Young People provides funding and support to organisations requesting bikes, including adaptive bikes, for young people meeting the eligibility criteria.

Who is eligible?

Eligibility of recipients is determined through a collective criterion to ensure bikes can be accessed by those children facing barriers relating to cost and wider life challenges, and from the following groups of young people:

  • Young carers and care experienced young people
  • Those who cannot meet the cost or families are in receipt of benefits
  • Those with disabilities

Eligible young people can self-refer to applicant organisations through an engaged school, community group or youth organisation. Read more about the funding criteria in our guidelines.

How can bikes be sourced?

Funding can be provided to obtain new and reused bikes available from local bike shops, bike recycling organisations and charities as well as upcycling and reallocation of existing school bike fleets. The pilot encourages a circular economy approach and we can offer advice and support to match applicants with bike suppliers to maximise benefits for the local supply chain.

The selection of new bikes should be in line with our bike fleet specification guide to ensure quality and value for money.

Refurbishment and reissue of bikes must meet or be equivalent to Zero Waste Scotland’s REVOLVE scheme standards.

Who owns the bike?

The fund enables a variety of ownership and loan models to ensure the best model works for the young person requiring a bike. Bikes can be transferred to the ownership of the young person or provided as long-term bike loans, as best meets the respective need to ensure inclusion and accessibility. Impartial advice and support is available from Cycling Scotland to determine the most suitable model.

Is there a maximum amount of funding available?

A suggested maximum of £50,000 is available to any one applicant organisation to ensure equity of access across Scotland. Requests for increased funding may be considered where there is delivery to multiple Local Authority areas. Please contact to discuss before submitting an application.

Please note there is currently no national grant funding available in 2024-25.

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