Citizen-powered data capture

Cycling Scotland autumn cycling shoot with models.

We are currently running a pilot programme using technology that continuously monitors a street from a citizen’s window, providing data on various modes of transport.

A street is monitored by positioning a small sensor in a window which provides data on various modes of transport, including motorised vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians.

The sensor tracks multiple modes of transport simultaneously so that when the data is monitored, we can see the impact of any interventions or changes in local habits.

Our pilot

Phase 1 of the Cycling Scotland pilot currently consists of 10 devices located in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Perth. This includes the Cycling Scotland office in central Glasgow.


Why collect data in this way?

By involving local communities in collection we hope to gain not only valuable data, but also the insights and knowledge that are only possible if you live or work in the area.

If you or your organisation are interested in becoming part of a future phases of the pilot, please contact the monitoring team.