Wood & Lambert Smith Hampton

Cycling leads to “better motivated staff, healthier and happier people”

Getting the wheels in motion

Working within the clean energy industry meant that Robert Lockhart was well placed to approach his employer, Wood, about getting more staff to cycle.

“I thought Cycling Scotland’s Cycling Friendly Employer Award aligned with our policy initiative of Healthy Working Lives,” Operational Manager Robert says. “As a green business, cycling is a way that everyone can make an impact, it helps reduce absenteeism and is good for general mental health.”

A new location

Things really moved forwards when Robert’s division of Wood moved to a new building in the centre of Glasgow, St Vincent’s Plaza, where several other companies all promote cycling. Among them, commercial property consultant Lambert Smith Hampton also echoed Robert’s enthusiasm for cycling friendly employers. Four businesses in the building worked together to improve cycling facilities in their workplace, applying to the Cycling Friendly Employers Development Fund and securing grant funding of more than £90,000.

Storage and safety

Building Manager, Paul Anderson, who works for Lambert Smith Hampton said “our cycling friendly funding will increase the number of cycle spaces to 78, adding 30 covered cycle racks outside, 40 new lockers, CCTV, and a new internal repair station,” Paul says. “The new individual bike racks will be more accessible than the current shared facilities which give less space to manoeuvre, and have at times caused issues with people accidentally locking two bikes.

“Our cycling facilities have been a selling point for prospective tenants. The facilities provide a safe and secure place to lock up bikes and values – meaning there is no worry when bikes are left alone. The expansion to 78 spaces will help future proof the building,” Paul adds.

One in five staff now cycle

At Wood, Robert estimates that about 20 per cent of the staff now cycle to work. “We hold cycle days and have special events like bike check-ups or go out for day trips – most recently along the Forth & Clyde canal – so it’s social as well.”

“My employer gives me time to undertake the cycling friendly work as they can see how it comes back to the organisation with better motivated staff, healthier and happier people. It does inspire others to join in: people go from rarely cycling to becoming avid fans – and not just for commuting to work; they also see the positive impact on both their health and their pockets.”

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