Starting training

If you are interested in becoming a Bikeability Scotland instructor but are not currently confident riding a bike, there are lots of ways that Cycling Scotland can support your development journey.

Adult Cycle Training

This 2.5-hour practical course can be adapted to match your experience and requirements. There are three modules.

1. Absolute beginners

This session is for people who have always wanted to cycle but never had the chance. Our instructors will help you develop balance on two wheels before introducing pedalling.

2. Introduction to on-road cycling‚Äč

This session is for anyone who enjoys cycling on paths but is nervous about going on the road. Our instructors will introduce you to on-road cycling in a range of quiet locations and simple road layouts.

3. Advanced on-road cycling

‚ÄčThis session is for people preparing to ride on busier roads.  Our instructors will cover more complex junctions, route planning, and provide tips on roadside repairs.

Family Cycle Training

This 2.5-hour practical training module is for families looking to develop their confidence in cycling together. It is designed so that parents, grandparents, guardians, and their children can cycle together safely as a group.

The sessions are tailored to meet the needs of the family.