Winter Cycling shoot for Cycling Scotland on South City Cycle Way, Victoria Road, Glasgow.

Cycling has cross-cutting benefits, touching on the environment, society, transport and the economy. 

We contribute to consultations and calls for evidence, feeding into policy that will make cycling easier and more accessible for anyone, anywhere.

Policy areas

Our policy work is comprehensive and covers a range of areas including:

  • air quality
  • climate change and the environment
  • road safety
  • attitudes to people cycling
  • behaviour change
  • infrastructure, planning and placemaking
  • access to bikes
  • inequality and transport poverty 
  • transport

Key asks

We regularly reply to consultations across these areas, advocating for active travel to be considered across all relevant policies, and calling for:

  • More space for cycling, including dedicated networks of separated cycling and active travel infrastructure
  • Improved road safety for people cycling and other vulnerable road users, including enhanced enforcement
  • Action to address close passing and other dangerous driving
  • Improved access to bikes and secure storage 
  • 20mph speed limit on local, residential roads
  • Delivery of affordable, accessible, and integrated public transport
  • Planning for better land use, to facilitate cycling and active travel
  • Support for behaviour change programmes and initiatives

We work to support delivery of the Long-Term Vision for Active Travel in Scotland and the Active Travel Framework as well as the Scottish Government’s Cycling Framework and Delivery Plan for Active Travel.

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