Collecting cycling data

Winter Cycling shoot for Cycling Scotland on South City Cycle Way, Victoria Road, Glasgow.

What data do we collect and why do we do it?

Cycling Scotland currently uses three primary methods of data collection.

These complement existing monitoring schemes such as the Scottish Household Survey (SHS), the Hands Up Scotland Survey (Sustrans Scotland), the Walking and Cycling Index (Sustrans) and the WOW Travel Tracker (Living Streets) to build a picture of cycling across the country.

We refer to the network of counters and the temporary traffic surveys as the National Monitoring Framework.

New technology

We also test and trial new technology to ensure that we are always looking for ways to improve and enhance the data that we collect. We are currently running a pilot programme using citizen-powered data capture.

By collecting and collating data which is relevant at national, regional, city and local levels, we can:

  • Monitor behaviours and trends over time
  • Provide an objective evidence base for our own strategy and the Active Travel Framework
  • Help demonstrate the impact of new infrastructure
  • Promote collaboration and partnership working