Sally Duthie

Adventure Aberdeen


Sally has been working for Adventure Aberdeen for six years as an outdoor instructor and Bikeability Scotland Coordinator in Aberdeen City and works with the majority of the 48 city primary schools delivering sessions and mentoring CTAs.

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June Andrew

Transport Safety Education Officer

June has been a coordinator for six years with Aberdeenshire Council. She works full-time and is responsible for road safety education and training within all sectors of the community. Her remit includes the coordination of Bikeability Scotland, involving 150 primary schools in Aberdeenshire that have a very high uptake of Level 2 training.

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John Bremner

Bikeability Co-ordinator

07838 541511

John has been our Angus local authority coordinator for Bikeability Scotland since December 2016, supporting 51 primary schools and 8 secondary schools.

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Nona Thomas

Bikeability Coordinator

01631 567 902

Nona has been working with Active Schools teams in Argyll and Bute to upskill school and community volunteers in the delivery of Bikeability Scotland. As a keen rider, Nona aims to build cycling skills and confidence in young people across Argyll and the Isles.

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Lindsay Mitchell

Bikeability Coordinator

Lindsay works in partnership with Nona Thomas to support volunteers with the rollout of Bikeability throughout Argyll and Bute.

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Joe Clark

Active Schools Manager

01259 452337

Jenna Macleod

Active Schools Co-ordinator

01851 822 783

Jenna is an Active Schools Coordinator in the Western Isles and has been a Bikeability Scotland Coordinator since 2011.

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Iain Campbell

Active Schools Manager

01851 822 782

Peri Wallach

Bikeability Scotland Coordinator

Peri is the Bikeability Scotland Coordinator for Dumfries and Galloway on a part-time basis. With a background in tackling childhood obesity, Peri has a passion for encouraging children to increase physical activity levels through active travel and is a Cycle Ride Leader.

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Billy Thomson

Active Travel Coordinator

01382 435916


Gary Nisbet

Active Travel Coordinator

01382 435944

Barbara Rae

Road Safety Officer (Mon - Thu)


Alan Smith

Outdoor Education Officer

0141 578 8728

Alan has worked for East Dunbartonshire Council since 2012 and has coordinated Bikeability Scotland since 2016. Having been involved in outdoor activities for the last 27 years, he really enjoys watching the continuing development of the Bikeability Scotland programme within the authority.

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Philippa Barber

0131 202 4293

Philippa has been a Bikeability Scotland Coordinator since 2018. She works across primary and high schools in East Lothian supporting the delivery of Bikeability Scotland, alongside activities such as Duke of Edinburgh, orienteering and hill walking.

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Craig Dalziel

Bikeability Scotland Coordinator

07387 530982

Shirley Banks

Active Schools Coordinator

0131 661 1282

Shirley has been an Active Schools Coordinator in the City of Edinburgh for 10 years. She has supported the delivery of Bikeability Scotland across the city for three years.

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Mel Coutts

Principal Officer for Sport and Outdoor Learning (acting)

0131 469 3065

Bryan Jardine

Transport Planning Officer - Active Travel

07483 386 255

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Shealagh Crabb

Bikeability Co-ordinator

03451 55 55 55 (ext: 40 21 76)

Shealagh joined the Fife Council Roads and Transportation team in 2018. She gets an immense amount of satisfaction from seeing the sense of achievement on the faces of pupils and being part of a team where you develop a community of like-minded friends.

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Karen Swanson

Technical Assistant – Assets, Transportation and Environment

03451 55 55 55 (ext: 44 44 06)

Collett Carroll

Assistant Road Safety Officer

07884 753 273

Emma Garden

Bikeability Co-ordinator

01463 702039

Emma has been a Bikeability Scotland Coordinator since November 2019, supporting the 171 primary schools within the Highland Council region.

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The Road Safety Unit runs Bikeability Scotland Instructor (BSI) courses throughout the year and if you would like to volunteer to deliver Bikeability at a Primary School within Highland please contact Emma.

Eileen Bell

Road Safety Officer

01475 715985

Kieran Power

Bikeability Coordinator

Kieran has been cycling for many years. His favourite aspect of the job is working with schools to deliver Bikeability Scotland, and seeing the positive impact the training has on the entire school - from pupils to head teacher.

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Gillian Bathgate

School Travel Plan Co-ordinator

0131 271 3660

Janet MacDonald

Sustainable Travel Officer

01343 563783

Donna Brown

Bikeability Coordinator

01343 549 571

Donna has been the Bikeability Scotland coordinator at the outdoor learning and adventure charity, Outfit Moray, for Moray schools since September 2018.

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Please note that North Ayrshire Council does not currently deliver Bikeability Scotland training. The Road Safety Unit will be able to tell you about their local cycle training arrangements.

Fiona Cameron

Road Safety

01294 324834

Danny McPhelim
Outdoor Education Team
Mobile: 07581 002470


Yvonne Scott

Road Safety Officer

01856 873535

Yvonne works part-time as a Road Safety Officer for Orkney Islands Council and has been responsible for coordinating the delivery of cycle training since 2005 in our 16 Primary Schools, 3 Junior High Schools and 2 Secondary Schools.

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Bill Butterworth

Bikeability Co-ordinator

01738 459622 / 07804 608391

Bill has been the Bikeability Scotland coordinator for Perth and Kinross since 2019. He is encouraging all the schools in Perth and Kinross to be involved with Bikeability Scotland’s training programme to give children the confidence and skills to enjoy cycling for fun and a way to keep fit.

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Craig Dalziel

Bikeability Co-ordinator

0141 618 7165

Craig has been delivering Bikeability Scotland for 11 years in a variety of local authorities. He has been in his current role with Renfrewshire Leisure since January 2019 and is responsible for 49 primary schools, 12 secondary schools plus several independent schools.

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Gordon Smith

Outdoor Education Officer         

07891 413 491 / 0300 100 1800 (ext 5465)

Gordon has been a Bikeability Scotland Coordinator since 2014. His favourite aspect of the job is seeing a school progress from zero to hero and making Bikeability Scotland part of the fabric of the school, allowing pupils to learn and develop their cycling skills and personal confidence.

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Elaine Skinley

Road Safety Officer

01595 744560

Elaine has been teaching children to cycle since 2004 when she first started as a Road Safety Officer with the Shetland Islands Council. She is based in Lerwick but travels all over Shetland to all of the Islands’ schools, which include five junior high schools and 24 primary schools.

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If you would like to volunteer in Shetland at your local school, please contact the school head teacher or Elaine and we will organise for you to attend the next training day.

Janis Smith

Assistant Road Safety Officer



Lynsey MacPhail

Bikeability Scotland Coordinator

Lynsey started as the South Lanarkshire Bikeability Scotland Coordinator in October 2021, having previously worked in transport planning and primary teaching. Lynsey is part of the Road Safety Team based in Hamilton.

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Phil Jones

Bikeability Scotland Coordinator

01786 447559

Phil has been a Bikeability Scotland Coordinator since 2012. Phil’s favourite aspect of the job is ensuring as many schools as possible deliver Bikeability Scotland Level 2, and seeing the positive impact that the training has made through the entire school, from pupils to head teacher.

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Amy Cornish

Cycle Training Coordinator

01786 447559

Catherine Tonner

Road Safety Officer

0138 973 7630‚Äč

Catherine has been a Road Safety Coordinator at West Dunbartonshire Council for over 25 years. Cycling is part of her Road Safety remit, and she organises cycle training throughout the year to around 25 schools. She has been with the Bikeability Scotland programme from the beginning and is proud to provide children with an essential life skill.

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Nicola Fell

Bikeability Coordinator

Nicola has been a Bikeability Scotland Coordinator since 2018. Nic’s favourite aspect of the job is signing up new schools to deliver Bikeability Scotland for the first time and seeing the kid’s confidence grow throughout the training.

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If you are a school looking to find out more about Bikeability Scotland training, or a parent looking for guidance on how you can get involved, you can contact the Bikeability Scotland team directly. You can also visit the relevant section of our website for more information.

Bikeability Scotland team

0141 229 5350