How are instructors supported?

All our Bikeability Scotland instructors are supported in their work with a range of resources including videos and webinars.

Video support

The following videos are for instructors delivering sessions, and school children preparing for Bikeability Scotland training. If you are thinking of becoming an instructor, these videos provide useful insights into the skills that sit at the heart of Bikeability Scotland training

Video: introducing the core functions

Throughout the training, riders practice and develop ‘core functions’ which can be used in any environment. These functions are:

  • Riding in control
  • Making good and frequent observations
  • Choosing and maintaining the most suitable riding positions
  • Understanding priorities
  • Communicating intentions clearly to others

To help explain these functions, and how they are used, Cycling Scotland has produced a series of five short videos that show these core functions in action.

Webinar support

Cycling Scotland has also produced a series of webinars that explore current topics relevant to the delivery of Bikeability Scotland training. If you’re thinking about becoming an instructor or are interested in better understanding how Bikeability Scotland can support health and wellbeing objectives and contribute to boosting confidence and problem-solving skills, these are a good place to start.

Webinar: Supporting the curriculum

This webinar brings together an expert panel from across the Scottish education setting to consider how Bikeability Scotland cycle training can be used to successfully support the curriculum.

Webinar: Delivery in rural settings

 Advice on overcoming the challenges and opportunities presented by delivering on-road cycle training in rural environments, and how the Bikeability Scotland resources and changes to The Highway Code support this.

Bikeability Scotland Webinar: Introducing our new training resources

As part of the programme of orientation and CPD to support the updated Bikeability Scotland training resources and instructor training courses, this webinar offers the chance to hear from experienced instructors and Cycling Scotland staff on the principal changes and their implications for practical training delivery.

View Introducing our new training resources on YouTube