About Bikeability Scotland

Cycling is a fun and practical way to keep active. As a form of transport, it’s good for the environment and for many of us, is our first experience of independence.

Bikeability Scotland cycle training begins in an off-road setting and teaches children simple bike safety checks and control skills. Level 2 introduces roads and teaches children how to ride safely and responsibly in traffic.

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Bikeability Scotland training can contribute to a child’s:

  • Emotional, social, and physical wellbeing
  • Education and attainment
  • Hazard perception and awareness
  • Confidence and self-awareness

Cycle training fits within the context of the Curriculum for Excellence by supporting specific Health and Wellbeing Experiences and Outcomes. Significant Aspects of Learning in Physical Education can also be applied directly to the activity of cycling.

  • Level 1 – Usually delivered in P5. Riders learn how to prepare for a journey, check their bike and equipment are safe and develop control skills, good observations and decision making. They also learn the importance of sharing space responsibly with other people. Training is completed in a traffic free setting.
  • Level 2 - Usually delivered in P6. Takes place on single lane roads with simple junctions and moderate traffic, after a rider has successfully demonstrated level 1 skills. Riders learn to make good and frequent observations, communicate their intentions clearly to other road users, decide on and use the most suitable riding position, understand priorities on a road and make decisions about when people wait and when people go.
  • Level 3 – Usually delivered between P7 and S2. Develops skills and confidence for cycling on complex, busy or fast roads and junctions sometimes with heavy traffic. It takes place after a rider has successfully demonstrated all the level 2 outcomes.

Bikeability Scotland training is a free, in-school programme, supported by a network of qualified instructors, who are often teachers, parents and members of the local community.

Bikeability Scotland is delivered by our local authority partners, almost exclusively through schools. In some authorities, this is supplemented by the involvement of Sustrans IBike Officers.

Bikeability Scotland is managed by Cycling Scotland on behalf of the Bikeability Scotland Delivery Group (BSDG). The BSDG meets semi-annually and has representatives from:

Cycling Scotland has produced policy and guidance documents to support the governance of the organisation. These are available to download below.

Cycling Scotland's Quality Assurance process for training is based on a supportive model and it recognises that however good training may be, there is always scope for improvement. In 2019/20, Bikeability Scotland training will be observed in 30% of participating local authorities. The Cycling Scotland Quality Assurance strategy is available for all qualified instructors to view. The process aims to:

  • Support those involved in delivery
  • Ensure minimum standards are met
  • Ensure consistency of training standards
  • Maintain and raise delivery standards.

Cycling Scotland is represented on the Cycle Training Standards Board and is committed to developing and delivering courses in line with the National standard for cycle training.

Cycling Scotland is committed to making the Bikeability Scotland training programme as inclusive as possible. While there will be certain outcomes of the training that represent practical impossibilities for some individuals, that should in no way preclude them from accessing and enjoying the many and various benefits of Bikeability Scotland or cycling in general.

Bikeability Scotland instructors can access a free, one day CPD course on delivering inclusive cycle training. This course is based on a good practice guide, produced by the Department for Transport (DfT).

Cycling Scotland is also fully committed to unimpeded access to, and equal opportunities in assessment, and will consider the needs of all potential training course candidates.

Through the Bikeability Scotland Approved Retailer project, Cycling Scotland aims to highlight and promote the positive role of bike shops and the cycle industry in supporting children’s cycling.